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Hake or VIE?

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I looked at both when deciding what to do for dd now that ALL is not going to be out.


My impression is that VIE is very schooly. And the format is extremely busy. Lots of color and flash and way too many graphics.


My dd's impression: "Forty sentences on finding the direct object? In FIFTH grade?? And I don't want pictures of basketball players in my grammar book!"


Hake was more visually appealing to us and is certainly cheaper. To me it seemed more rigorous, as well. VIE struck me as a lot of typical school busywork.



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Hake is an excellent grammar program with tons of review. My dd (10) is using it right now, and it is one of the few programs we use that I feel is 100% solid. I never worry that she's missing something or that something else might be better. The 5th grade has quite a bit of spelling as well! (The spelling rules are built into the daily review also - so, every day she has new words in the review section and she has to apply the rules she's learned -whether to drop the y, double the last letter, etc.)

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One HUGE difference is that Hake can be done independently. VIE seems to be much more dependent upon the teacher.


It was! VIE user from 1-3. Call me slow, but after pulling my hair out for three years we switched. It is very 'schooly', you need the teacher's manual from 3 on and it is very pricey. The student book alone is very confusing. One half is grammar and the other is writing workshops and you bounce back and forth. Despite all the tears and aggravations, I did feel DD got a good start on grammar. One thing I can recommend is the Exercises in English workbook from the same publisher, it's basically the grammar portion without all the frills (and cheap). It gives quick lessons and work pages to hone the point. We switched to KISS and WWE.


English is my second learned language so I'm learning again, too. I love KISS and WWE.

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What edition of VIE are people discussing? I have the 2011 edition for 6th grade. Maybe the editions are drastically different. :confused:


I don't plan to use the writing. The grammar portion seems straight forward to me.


More color and more cost, for sure. Apart from that, I'm not seeing much difference. :001_huh:

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