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international move vent

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I think I have been pretty calm and collected about this whole moving to Australia adventure we are about to embark on (minus my collosal freak out when I realized we couldn't bring the pets) today I was filling out the permanent resident visa and got to the section about health checks and realized the closest doctor who does them is about 3 hrs away. For some reason that totally sent me into a tail spin and I got very sad. Funny how it is the silly little thing that trip me up.

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moving countries is a big deal, and sometimes things that we think ought to be small feel very big.


you are not alone....


:grouphug: when we moved to the states, we had to drive two hours to a doctor the usa embassy approved. then we had to have a chicken pox vaccine that was at the time not legal in canada. but we couldn't go to the states to get it because we had applied to immigrate, and the rule is that you can't cross the border once you've applied. they agreed that chicken pox titre would be acceptable. the canadians at the time didn't/wouldn't do it.... and we lived in ottawa, the capitol city. the nearest place that could and would do it was.... the usa. where we couldn't go. in the end, my dear dad tracked down my childhood doctor who had retired, who went thru boxes in his basement, found my records, copied them and sent them to me to show i had had chicken pox. sigh....


soon it will be over, and you will be there, and it will be wonderful (mostly, which is all any of us can ask for).



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