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Physical symptoms from radically changing diet?

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Those of you who temporary or permanently changed your diet from more traditional American diet to a much healthier diet, what were your symptoms the first couple weeks?


I went on a candida diet at the recommendation of a doctor a year or so ago and felt miserable. The migraines increased past the point the doctor thought they would stop (a little over a week of constant migraine). I gave up. I'm wondering if I didn't give it long enough.


Now I'm trying to radically increase my greens/veggies/fruits and decrease or eliminate sugar/white flour. I didn't do a complete abrupt changeover this time. I eat vegan for breakfast and lunch and eat a regular dinner with my family, which includes meat and/or dairy probably 3 days a week. The other 4 days are usually vegetarian dinners but not vegan, which is pretty much our basic dinner ratio for the last year or two. Either breakfast or lunch is a large green smoothie, so many servings of greens and fruits in there. I have some odd symptoms (not GI related or anything related to the fiber). I'm wondering if it is a diet related.

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headaches, body aches, muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue....yeah. normal.


It takes a while, but I don't remember it taking WEEKS. Days, maybe a week, tops.


:iagree: grumpiness, chills..... mine lasted many weeks. I'd say months. The candida die off can make you pretty miserable. That can't be what you're experiencing now with dairy and fruit sugars..... but maybe symptoms of detoxing>.

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I didn't have Candida symptoms in the first place, so don't think this is Candida die-off per se. And, yes, since I still have fruit, my diet wouldn't be great for Candida anyway. I just had the migraines, which I'm thinking are food related but not Candida.


I have had a 4-day migraine, but that goes along with PMS so not unusual in and of itself. But my back hurts. Like I feel like crying it is so much in spasm kind of hurts. No position, no where, is comfortable. Ugh. And to a lesser extent in my hips and knees. That was what I was wondering about. Either I have the flu or this is diet related.

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My husband and I have radically changed our diet - we gave up sugar, caffeine, and processed foods. This is our 12th day and we've had aches and pains, stomach issues, fatigue and he's had flu-like symptoms (which I credit to the caffeine withdrawal - he drank a lot of soda, whereas I only drank a little caffeine). A naturepath told my friend, who is doing the same thing, that it could take about a month to feel good. Yikes! I had no idea that I would feel this bad while eating this good. It's definitely made me realize how much junk I've put into my body. Ugh!

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