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Would it be a mistake?

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I have a dd8 who took 4 months of piano lessons last year. She excelled. We stopped due to various reasons and I'm feeling a very strong need to get her back in music lessons. She seems naturally talented and I hate the thought that I didn't offer her the chance to explore that. The problem is, we can't really afford the monthly fees, especially because we have a dd6 who is really wanting to do an activity as well.


I have met a teenager who has offered to teach dd for a small fee. I originally said "no" because I was concerned that a more experience teacher would be better. I wouldn't want my dd to learn bad habits from inexperienced (young) instruction. I don't play so I wouldn't know if this girl is good or not. I know that she has a good instructor.


So, would it better to have no music instruction or instruction from a teenager?


:-) P.S. I'm not against teens teaching. I'm just not sure how to know if it's good for us in this situation.

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Go for it! :)


Maybe you could hire the teen for a short period, say three months, then if you feel it's not working, make a polite excuse and stop. Make your expectations clear, whatever they are, so that the young lady knows what you'd like your dd to get out of the lessons.


What she lacks in experience as a teacher, she may very well make up in enthusiasm. Experienced teachers are often enthusiastic too, of course! But when one is starting a new venture, sometimes it's so exciting that one pours a lot of energy and attention into it.



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Definitely! Of course, since my DD17 does that, I think it's a great idea!


DD17 has been teaching beginning saxophone lessons for several months now. She calls it "jump start" lessons - giving kids the one-on-one time with an experienced player to hold the instrument, read music, etc - things the kids need to be able to actually play and see if they like saxophone. DD charges less than the going rate here and all her students go to the local public elementary schools. DD also goes in an volunteers at the schools to help get kids started in band class (many parents can't afford any lessons at all).


DD10's piano teacher up until this month was a university student studing music and teaching piano part-time.

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