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Beach Body Workouts...

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I've never tried any of them and probably won't unless if they go super-cheap. I have nothing against most of them. I just have too many DVDs and too little time to do the ones I already have. I really don't like Chalane Johnson. I wouldn't mind getting BBL, Debbie Siebers, or Yoga Booty Ballet ... Those are the only ones that interest me. Sorry I'm not much help. I know that many here love the Beachbody stuff. Bumping so that they can hopefully post also.

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I did this last spring to get ready for P90X and thought it was a really good intro. One thing I like abou the Power90/P90 is that it's a great combo of aerobic/cardio/strength/stretching. I'm not sure if the others do strenth as much.



who is now doing Insanity!

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Brazil Butt Lift and Les Mills Pump.


I will say I did not buy BBL until I had been exercising for awhile, only b/c I wanted to make sure I would stick with it since it was pricey.


I really like BBL. I am just now doing Les Mills Pump (as you have probably seen on the weekly exercise thread), but it is going to be great! I think their products are very well done. And they provide you with nice structure.


What type of exercising are you wanting? The Slim in 6 looks like a great balance of cardio and strength (there's a short "commercial" at the end of one of my BBL DVDs).


Maybe LG Gone Wild will chime in on this thread. She would be able to guide you more specifically about the different programs.

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Depends on what you like and who you like. Power 90, as someone mentioned is a great starting point but like Negin said, there is also Yoga Booty Ballet.



Whatever you pick, you can return it and try another program or trainer.


What are you looking for? What are your constraints? For instance, some people only have an hour to work out or some people have bad knees and some people, like me, do. not. do. perky.


Slim in 6

Turbo Jam

Chalean Extreme

Hip Hob Abs

10 Minute Trainer

Brazil Butt Lift


Yoga Booty Ballet

Les Mills Pump!


These are beginner to intermediate programs. Hope I didn't further confuse you.

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I love Brazil Butt Lift. Also love Turbo Fire. P-90X isn't as bad as they make it look. Just start slowly, do what you can and build up your strength. It's really, really good.


:iagree: P90X isn't too bad. He has lots of ways you can modify it if you need it.


I liked BBL too. But, I needed more cardio. So, I added running to that plan.


I've not done many of the others.

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P90X has a pre-test (that I could barely take, forget passing! LOL) so it was recommended I start with Power 90. Once my feet are in better shape, I should be able to do it.


You should look into it.


Where is the pretest found?



Okay, i admit sometimes OCD gets the best of me and I can't make a decision lol! I want to order a new workout soon! I've been thinking Slim In 6, but some of the reviews concern me. Maybe Chalene Extreme? Power 90? I don't know :001_huh:


I have bad knees so I don't do high-impact and I don't like too bubbly...I like folks like Kathy Smith, Ellen Barrett, Billy Blanks...etc. Jillian is ok.


What to do...what to do?? :D


If you have used any of these please give me a review!

Any suggestions?

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Hi Tina,

Not to confuse you, but have you considered this?




I'm considering it for my teen ds. Maybe I'll try it with him! :D


The reviews are impressive for the number of workouts included. Also, you may find it locally. I've seen it at a dollar store, Target, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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Chalean Johnson is perky in her first beachbody series

Turbo Jam (- it is great for beginners and she has a low impact modifier in all her video the orginal series has a learn exercise (15) min then you move up to (20 min) and then the full (45 min) when you are ready it also includes a sculpt. I started out with Turbo Jam. I still love the music and will do it for a light workout.


Chalean Extreme is a weight program with a couple of interval/cardio exercise. I would consider the cardio to be intermediate but the weight dvd can be used by beginners. This is set up more like a personal trainer.


Turbo Fire is the more advance than the previous. It shows modification also and a "new exercise" routine but a beginner may get discouraged.


Rockin Body is a dance exercise and it really doesn not have any complicated stuff. I have no coordination and easily followed. I bought it really cheap after I had already workout for awhile. It really is a beginner/intermediate workout. It didn't really give me the cardio I was use too but every once in awhile I will do one as a very light day.

I will also add that it has a cheesy intro but the workouts are good. I don't know what they were thinking when the produce this set



The last beach body I own is the P90X. My dh has been doing this one for a couple of years. I personally just don't like it. I know others think it is great. IMO it is advanced. I occasionally get out one of the disc just to see if I have started liking it :D I am in shape enough to get through the program but it just doesn't motivate me.



My main workout is Chalean Extreme weights. I throw in cardio from all of the programs.

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I had a terrible knee problem with one of my knees. Went to an ortho, had a cat scan, etc. They didn't know what it was, but it was something with the femur. Anyway, I rested my knee for about 6 months with nothing more strenuous than walking. Then I did Power 90 last spring. My knee felt good. I kept going and did P90X in the summer/fall. I found that my knee was actually really good! I can even run now, which I could not do earlier without massive pain. Now I'm (barely) doing Insanity. I personally think that the Power 90/P90X stengthened the muscles around my knee and that took care of whatever problem I had. Of course, YMMV but I was thrilled to "heal" my knee!



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