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Wanna help me pick a Kindle Fire Case?

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pro: pretty

con: don't know if the front cover will fold completly flat on to the back of the kindle (I had a book style case from target and returned it because it was too stiff and had to be held open)

*only one position for propping up


Deft Dante

pro: rotates when standing so it can be propped either way

*multiple propping angles

con: color isn't as bright as I'd like it

*don't know if front cover will fold flat (I did ask someone on Rav who has it in a thread, so maybe she'll reply)

ETA: She replied, yes it does fold flat "I use mine like this the vast majority of the time, so I imagine it is fairly broken in by now.

The hinge seems nice and sturdy to me. It rotates very smoothly."



pro: cheap

*cover folds flat

*multiple propping angles

con: don't know if those corner clips are as secure as a full wrap

*only horizontal when propped



pro: cover folds flat to the back

con: one viewing angle when propped

*only horizontal when propped


Case Crown

pro: bright colors

con: one propping angle

*only horizontal propping

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