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Read aloud to elderly woman

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At Home in Mitford?


That is what I was going to post!!! My grandmother was living with my mom when I discovered these books ( there is a series). I gave them to my mom as a gift and they traded them back and forth and were fighting over who could read it first!!! It is sweet and funny!

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Some other possibilities:


Herriot--All Creatures Great and Small





If she is an animal lover, this collection of stories is very sweet/interesting. It is written by an English vet who is telling about some of his most interesting house calls. Is she is not an animal lover, skip it.


Chicken Soup for the Soul short stories could be nice too....just skip the death/dying section!


Also, our elderly neighbor has enjoyed reading many of my son's Sonlight titles with him. She takes some of them home to finish on her own when he finishes without her;) Children's books aren't just for children ya know :)

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I agree with asking her. My mom (84) would not put up with most of the suggestions. She loves mysteries, etc. Think Sue Grafton.

I think having your 9 year old do the reading sounds like a fun suggestion, but definitely find out what your grandma likes.

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My 9 year old and I are headed to Florida to spend a few days with my grandmother who just got out of the hospital. I think she might enjoy a read aloud. Any suggestions?


What about something that might remind her of stories to tell from her younger days? For example, reading Charlotte's Web reminded me of many years' when I spent long summer days at the local county fair. I told my kids all about the fair exhibits, the peach milkshakes, the animal barns and the year I entered something and won a ribbon.


Wouldn't have to be a book that would exactly parallel her life, but just one that would trigger her own recollections.


Understood Betsy was a fun read aloud for us. Swallows and Amazons was another favorite.

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