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Email question regarding my daughter's acct.

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My 12 (soon to be 13) yo dd has an email acct. Every now and then I visit her acct to check her mail....mostly junk folder.


In that folder there are invites to do anything imaginable re: se*&% and other less than desirable topics. Sad! :glare:


Can I change, add, remove a feature that will stop these emails from arriving into her junk folder. :confused:


eta: Please don't suggest that she's at an age that she'll have to learn about these things so why not now. Yes, I agree she will learn. But, not now, iykwim.

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Some email providers have a feature that allows you to automatically permanently delete anything that's routed as junk/spam. That's probably your best bet. Check your "account settings" (or equivalent) to see whether your provider has this feature. The only drawback is that something legitimate will now and then be tagged as spam, so she won't receive that either. She can avoid that by adding all the people she wants to receive email from to her contacts list.


I'm not aware of any way to completely stop receiving spam. I'm all :bigear: if there's a way to do that...

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