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S/O CLE Math 700/800


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CLE is getting ready to publish a Beta version of Alg 1 in the spring. It is already being used by many homeschools and schools, having done a field test for the past two years. Currently it is being used by about 250 students. The reason we are publishing a Beta version is that many of you found out we were developing a Sunrise Algebra and wanted it sooner rather than later! Thank you for your interest.


Keep in mind that it will be a Beta version so it is not polished and final. However, we are making a big effort to make sure that you will receive all solutions and that the answers are correct. Plus, since it is Beta, we will still be collecting data from users if you do find mistakes or difficult portions that should receive attention.


Since this is a high school course, we decided that it would be a full color hard bound textbook. HOWEVER, the beta version will not have color and will not be a textbook. It will be bound in 10 booklets like LightUnits but will not have enough white space to do the work in the books. Therefore, it will be reusable if care is taken.


We plan to sell the Beta version for about 3-5 years, giving us time to fully develop the graphics and typesetting, as well as make corrections that were revealed by the field testing.


Alg 2 is being written and most of the lessons are finished. However, that is when the work really begins. We will need to put them into units, write the continuous reviews, quizzes and tests, etc so it will go a few years before we field test.


Geometry is in early stages of scope and sequence development.


We are not planning to do a 4th year math in the Sunrise edition

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