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Can we do one more vegan/vegetarian thread?

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Seems to be going around lately.


Over the last 6 months I have really broadened my horizons in my diet. I have cut out processed foods (There are a couple that still slip through but hey, work in progress), buy organic whenever I can and make as much as this one woman can make homemade (like mayo, ranch, bread etc...).


I have been hashing and rehashing going to a more vegetarian diet. There is some resistance. I do like a good hamburger :001_smile:. Anyway, I am starting small. We eat meat once or twice a week (unless it is something that takes little meat but lasts a long time like chicken enchiladas, I made enough to have three meals with this week :)). The rest is beans and whatever else I can throw together.


All this to ask... I want websites with vegetarian recipes. I realize I can modify what I have but I also want websites to refer to.


So list your best website for vegan/vegatarian food!

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