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MFW High School: Can it be used by Orthodox/Catholic?

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My son recently saw the AHL package and really liked it. He is not into school at all- he is an Aspie and really just wants to get school done every day so that he can work on his beloved wood working projects. The fact that he is interested in a specific program is encouraging!


The curriculum looks great, and I have heard positive things about if here, from some great members.

We are also a family that can read book by Christians from other branches of the Faith with out problems. I want to be sure, though, that the texts are not too far out of our range, because if I have to tweak the schedule to death I might as well keep using TOG! :D


So here are my questions:


~Can I substitute another commentary for the Daniel Study in AHL easily?


~I am hesitant about using a BJU text in year 2 as they are notoriously and outspokenly anti-Catholic. Did you run into this in year 2?


~Is there any thing else I might consider an obstacle or even a red flag?


Thank you so much!

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We skipped the Daniel Study. so it's ok to sub or skip it. Instead of we just read Daniel and discussed. My daughter did not want to do that style of study.


BJU - hmm. I haven't done year 3 when BJU is used. So I don't know yet. I have a local real life friend who is Catholic. She switched from Abeka to BJU for history because she didn't like abeka's vibe on Catholics, but she was ok with BJU? so, I"m not sure. She wasn't using MFW, but just using BJU for history. Maybe the text itself isn't that bad ?


I don't know other red flags as I'm not Catholic. My husband's family is Catholic, so I try to make sure that we are using family friendly stuff.



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You know, I was raised Catholic so I usually notice (and chat with my kids about) strong biases when I spot them. But I just can't remember it coming up in the ancients. If it did, it would probably have been in the New Answers Book. I know that book covered soooo many topics that something is sure to need discussion. We had discussion over the illness topic, since we have illness in our home and tend to get a lot of Job's friends trying to help us out :) But really in ancients I don't remember an issue, although sorry if I have forgotten anything.


In WHL, of course the reformation is a whole section of history (and even a few topics from the middle ages are precursors to the reformation). I don't think you'd want to skip the reformation, but you might want to use your own materials, depending on how ready you feel your kids are to read protestant points of view. Of course, even among protestants, the reformation is going to cover all kinds of groups that you may or may not agree with. And that's something I'm really loving in WHL. I read the book aloud with my son and go off on tangents all the time :tongue_smilie: But I think if you subbed the book on church history for something you like, and occasionally subbed a chapter in Notgrass and the Christian heroes book, you might make it past this period of history with some good learning.


And then of course there's lots of other history besides the reformation in "World History."


As for the English class, most of the lit is going to be fine (Julius Caesar and the like). Sometimes a more inspirational book is read, but usually it's just read over one week with little guided application coming from MFW, so you could read or sub. I read More Than a Carpenter as a Catholic teen, so that might be okay depending. Practicing His Presence is written by Catholics, I believe, since there's a short note in the manual about it. I don't think we've done a lot more yet, but if you have good books that would reach a 10th grader, you'd have a perfect opportunity to schedule those in here.


The writing assignments are always from the student's own viewpoint. Even the "letter to the editor" about Martin Luther is to be either for or against, with no one telling your student what to think. The writing instruction is from Writers Inc, which is not going to be an issue for you.


I don't know, even if you just use the first two years, your student will have read the entire Bible and melded it with human history -- how great is that? You can decide about the BJU for years 3 & 4 at that time. And more of us will have used it by then :)



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Thanks, Julie! We are definitely a "truth is truth" family, and I have lots of Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestent books that share places of honor on my shelves. With your description, I see that this is probably going to fit fine.


I am thrilled! Ds did a day from the sample week today, and really likes the program. Considering his usual ambivalence to anything school related, this is high praise indeed!


Thank you so much for responding- I have been finding your posts on MFW very valuable to me! Thanks!

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