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AoPS question

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Imo, you can just study the book on your own. My oldest has always taken the online class. However, even though the class times do work for us, the pace of the online class is too stressful for my middle child.


The book provides plenty of practice problems. I don't think it is absolutely necessary to have weekly message board problems and Challenge Sets in order to master the material.

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Do you do the class on your own (just buying the books) or do you really need to join the online class. The times don't work for us. :confused:


My son has taken the following classes online: AMC-10, AIME problem series (doing it now -- it's perfect for him at this point), and some other class that I'm forgetting! :D


He wants to take Intermediate Number Theory this spring and Olympiad Geometry this summer if they decide to offer it then. I think the geometry class will be a tad above his ability, but we'll let him take it if he really wants to. Next year, he'd like to do WOOT. My job is to pay for all of these classes and books. :tongue_smilie:


Otherwise, he's used their books and has self-studied through pre-calc. It's definitely possible to self-study, and the forum is always "open" to get advice from other AoPSers.

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