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I'll try here...I didn't get any replies on the Curriculum Board...re: Saxon 5/4

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I KNOW I have seen a schedule in the Saxon materials that gives options for using the extra "Topics" at the end of Saxon Math 5/4. It was a number of years ago that my son used 5/4...and, now that my daughter is using it...I can't remember when I did those extra lessons during the use of the book.


Any help?




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We started Saxon with 6/5 and we just did the whole book in order - with the "extra" topics at the end. IIRC there were roman numerals and other things which probably weren't dependent on having learned the other material. I'd look at what's there and see if it even matters when it's taught. If it doesn't matter, then do them whenever you want to add in something different. Hopefully someone else will be able to direct you to the schedule. : )

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