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Job search question ... because the Hive might know

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So, my husband is going to be looking for a new job. He is a manager at a fortune 50 company currently. So to find a comprable or step up job will not be easy, as they are executive jobs. We had the thought of hiring someone to search for those types of jobs - a recruiter. The problem is, I can only find recruiters that work for companies. We need someone that works for individuals, helping them find a job using the resources that we don't have. Monster.com is just not going to cut it.


So, any ideas if this even exists? If it matters, he is looking at a minimum nationally, possibly internationally. NOT locally.


Thanks for any help!

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Yes, this does exist. I know several people who have used this type of service.


What your DH is looking for is an "executive placement" firm, rather than a recruiter. Recruiters work primarily for companies - but there are some executive placement firms that are primarily focused on the individual clients they serve.


Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the firm in Denver that many of my former colleagues went through. But I was able to find the following firm by googling "executive placement" and it looks pretty promising: http://www.stewartcoopercoon.com/executive_placement/index.htm


Good luck!

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