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I think I love my new dog more than my other dog.

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I don't have a favorite child. I don't love one of them more than another. I sometimes like one child more than another at certain times of their life, but it usually changes and becomes pretty equitable.


But I love my new dog more than my older dog. My older dog loves me more than anyone in the family, but she loves me in a way this is more about her.


My new dog loves me with abandon. She is devoted in a way that is selfless. In fact, right now my new dog annoys most of the family because she is still learning and is too exuberant. But I love her and know that she means well. She loves us and is just 5 months old. She's still learning.


I never expected to love her more. I got her as a working dog to walk with me for miles and miles because my older dog cannot.


Tell me it is not wrong of me to love her more. :001_unsure:

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Nope! My parents had two cats when I was younger, and I loved the female more than the male. The male loved everyone and was very affectionate, and the female was mean and crazy, but she loved me best. I was her favorite lap and she would only cuddle with me. I figured since the male got all the love from the rest of the family, I would make it up for the female. She's now 19 and still as mean as ever, but whenever she sees me, she starts purring and wants to sit in my lap. I love her and spend tons of time with her whenever I visit my mother.

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