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Ideas for coffee hour?

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I am in charge of coffee hour at church this week and I need ideas. There are normally 50 or so people, ranging in age from babies to senior citizens. I already considered the normal dip and veggies, but was hoping for something a bit different. This is not a sit down meal, but more like a buffet of appetizers. Ideas?? Thanks!

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We do this once a month at our church. Over time, our church's "fellowship hour" has evolved into sort of an unofficial lunch so some of these may not be appropriate for your church.


Things we have done:

Soup in a crockpot

Meatballs in a crockpot

Frozen pizzas, cut into very small servings

An array of different breads/spreads:hummus/tzatziki with pita, cream cheese and bagels, flavored butters or jams with croissants or things like banana bread

Cut up fruit

Cheese quesadillas (easy to make) with toppings: guacamole, salsa, sour cream

Mini sandwiches (tuna, chicken salad, egg salad, cucumber)

Make your own sandwiches with mini buns and a selection of deli meats and cheeses

A bunch of frozen appetizers (places like Trader Joe's have a fantastic selection)

Muffins, cookies, other baked goods.

Someone else did it this week and had a pot of chocolate fondue with fruit to dip in

Chips and dips

BBQ beef - very popular and easy, cooks in crockpot with sauce during church and then serve with some kind of small buns

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Cheese gets expensive--how much do you want to spend?


I see things like,

donut holes or donuts cut into fourths

cheese and crackers



little frozen quiches from Sam's


cold cuts and small rolls

cream puffs (the tiny kind)

small muffins (the mini kind)



At our church, most folks take a cracker and a piece of cheese, a couple of donut holes and maybe a veggie or two. We serve about 200 people, and really, some don't eat at all. We offer coffee, hot water for tea, and some sort of lemonade or juice for the littles. We also shoo away the teens from coffee hour as they are ravenous beasts and take far more than their polite share--:D--plus they get a little snack at SS.

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I like the roll-up idea! That sounds yummy! As for how much to spend, since I only do this twice a year I don't mind putting a bit of effort and money into it. And this particular weekend my parents and my in laws will be there (they do not attend our church) because 3 of my kids are in the Epiphany play. I am expecting lots of additional grandparents because of this. I think I am going to do the meatballs and lunch meat roll ups definitely and I will also do some mini-muffins and maybe banana nut bread and maybe 1 or 2 more things. I knew you guys would have good ideas!:)

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