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If had $200 to spend on school stuff....

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And you had a 2yo and a 5yo what would you buy? I don't have a lot of manipulatives or stuff to put on the wall yet and the art supplies are pretty slim except for crayons and paper. I would like to order online and free shipping is always nice :)


*The title should read "If YOU had...." obviously*.

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A I'm walking trough my school area looking at what is used for the pre-k/k set. Based on what we use, here are my suggestions:

-a large, good quality cork board

-a set of counters

-good quality colored pencils (for 5yo)

-some basic supplies to create sensory tubs

-color/shape bean bags

-a young kid friendly globe or map

-supplies to create fine moter skill activities

-a butterfly kit

-good sized white board

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-set of c-rods

-building blocks

-paper, scissors, glue, paint, markers, crayons (I'd just keep buying these as needed and wait until next August to really stock up when all of the big box stores have their back-to-school sales.)


-LeapFrog Letter factory DVD

- Books, books, books! Use whatever leftover money you have for reference books, the ones that you use too frequently to always have checked out from the library.

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I'd go to the Discount School Supply site and just go crazy.


I would buy glow in the dark paint and the biocolor paint colors to add it to, as well as the fabric paint additive. I would buy fancy papers--construction and tissue. I would buy a gallon of good glue and a little bottle to decant it into. You can never have too much glue! I would buy lots of those plastic ornaments that you can either fill with pompoms and little pinecones or decorate with Biocolor. I'd buy fat yarn. I'd buy things to decorate--little treasure boxes to make into gift boxes, masks, hats, tote bags, etc. I'd go to the science section and buy some of those big magnifying glasses on stands for 'nature' items, and also some of their realistic animal models. I'd buy magnetic letters--lower and upper case.


The only things I would buy from anywhere else would be a big magnetic whiteboard, and some dowels to make into knitting needles, and some Kapla or Keva blocks.


Well, we are now up to about $400, ladies and gentlemen! And we have not even bought any books yet!


ETA: DSS's counting bears are great, too. And their prices are good.

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