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Economics project

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Thought I would ask here for ideas.


I co-teach economics at a co-op. ("Co-teach" implying that I'm a glorified assistant.)


The main teacher has requested that I put together a year-end project that would be worth 30% of the final grade.


I have some ideas: personal life plan (micro - budgeting), production (creating a good and marketing it), and investment.


However, I thought it would be wise to get some other ideas. Anyone have any to throw out there?

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Do the kids get to choose, or will they all do the same thing? That's one thing I think to think thru.


- My ds, for instance, is way into the national debt :)

- He also likes to make videos and power points, which could work with any project but especially some kind of current events project.

- I've also heard of kids making a board game as a project like that, which could be on a list of ideas for implementing the project or could be the project itself.

- Oh, and a retirement project. I remember thinking that was an "old person's benefit" when I first started working :)


Some resources might be the US Dept. of Treasury, which came to mind because they just sent me an email yesterday, and Project Based Learning (BIE.org).



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