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Classical Writing

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Anyone familiar with this program can tell me whether it is stand alone or do you have to purchase additional materials to use it (Grammar handbooks, etc.)?


I was reading some older threads about using Classical Writing and didn't understand if reading Homer was part of the source material used in this program.


Would using this curriculum work well while studying American History/Literature or does one have nothing to do with the other?

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The only thing you need in addition to the CW materials is Harvey's Elementary Grammar with Answer Key. Homer is the second level of CW. The students don't read Homer, at least not in the Homer or Chreia levels. You can use CW with American History/Literature. CW is a composition and grammar curriculum. If you have more questions, please send me a pm.

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Also CW just reduced the price on their recorded online group tutorials for Aesop and Homer accelerated to $50 for 6 month access.



There are also "How to teach" tutorials for each level. http://www.classicalwritingtutorials.com/CWT/CourseHowToTeach.htm


Can you explain the tutorials a little more? I just looked at the website and I *think* I see that they are recorded classes, correct? They are not live with interaction b/t the student & teacher?

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