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X-post: VP Self-Paced Courses

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I'm looking into this for next year. My dd will be in 5th grade and I think she'll love the idea of getting to use my laptop. :) We also have a hard time getting to history on our own, so I'm hoping this might be a possibility. I have a few questions for those who are familiar with the courses.


1. Do I need to purchase any additional things (like books,etc...) for this course?


2. Does it include Geography or would we need something separate for that?


3. Do I need to be able to print worksheets/tests off the computer or how does that work?


4. If I purchase this within the next month or so (because I usually buy with tax return), do I have to start right away or will we be able to start whenever we want?


5. If you have used MOH Vol 1 before a VP self-paced course, where should I place my student?


Thank you for reading!! :)

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They're running special group deals, so personally I'd suggest you check into that and buy now. Can't beat that $99 price tag!


What you do beyond the online portion is your deal. Get their catalog, and it will have all the listings of supplements and little codes for which card they correspond to, level, etc. They also show suggested packages of basics, resources, etc. It's really up to you how much extra you want to do. It stands on its own but is great with the additional stuff.


You'll only hit the geography that applies to the history, which I think makes sense. But it's really awesome at the maps and whatnot it does cover, with games, etc. Again, the catalog has lots of extra geography resources.


The whole course is online and includes review work, memory work, quizzes, and tests. You can see the grades as well. No, if you want the printables you need to buy the tm on cd. Personally, I don't think you need it. Well that's not true. You don't need the worksheets. If you want the hands-on and extras they include in the tm, then by all means get it. They're pretty straightforward and in the just enough/really practical category. If your dc is an over-the-top crafter or wants to cook and re-enact, get one of the supplemental books from the catalog.


Uh, call them to ask about buying now and starting later. I have no clue. They might be able to do that for you. They definitely do what they can to help people.


Well look it over and decide for yourself on placement. OTAE and NTGR are about half Bible. When you complete MOH1, you'll have done the equivalent of them. She could go directly into MARR, just fine. MARR is *awesome* btw. My dd did MARR last year, NTGR this fall (during the one month free trial, what a whirlwind!), and is currently doing the two american history levels. She LOVES it. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to do one week (card) of the online, self-paced material, so that might help you gauge and make your plans. She *could* go back and do the other courses (OTAE and NTGR) if she's an extreme history buff and wanted to and money was abundant. But she doesn't *need* to. MARR is great and she can go right into it from MOH1.

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