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How much snow for sledding?

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After big snowstorms the last 2 winters, Santa decided it was time to get the kids a sled. So of course it has not snowed at all this winter. Until today. It's taken 4 hours for it to get cold enough to finally start to stick to the ground. It's sticking to the grass, cars, etc, but not the roads (so far). The kids are very anxious to go sledding, but I don't know at what point it is worth bundling up and taking the sled out. I grew up near New Orleans, so you'll have to forgive my ignorance on this subject. :tongue_smilie:


At what point do you/your kids head out with a sled? (BTW, it's just a plastic saucer sled)

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Well, if it's any indication by wearing flip-flops to the trash can about how slippery it is...I think there's enough for some action. :D I had a very eventful trip taking out the trash and I'm sure my neighbors were secretly howling after "the event."



Yup, the 'flip-flop' barometer is a good one.


Hope you are okay!


And, we have enough on the ground now in Vienna/Oakton for the twins to use their boards down the slope on the front lawn.

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