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Need help with writing chapter summaries of history books

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DS 13 is using Writing With Skill and within the first few weeks these skills are addressed. I know it goes into more detail throughout the program, but even the initial instructions were very helpful for my kids in note taking, etc. Outlining skills are addressed early on as well. We downloaded the 20 week free sample; I believe it is still available directly from the website. Have you looked at it already? The daily content does not take that long once the kids get the general idea of how to do it.




Previously my kids have used IEW as well adn while that did help them develop some writing skills, it didn't help with the narrowing down of content you mention.


So far we are all appreciating the WWS approach and are even putting other things on hold for them to work through it. They needed this gentle approach in focusing on idea development without getting bogged down in the details. From what you have written, it seems like a good fit--even just the first few lessons. By the way, the first lesson was a breeze, no problems! The longer challenge lesson was challenging though! DS at first did not know how to break it down, but the lesson walked him through it and in the end he was happy with his results. Now he is doing very well each lesson.

Good luck!

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