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Speaking of Disney...

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What's the cheapest way to do 4ish days there? I'm assuming rent a home in the off season?


I ask because my brother-in-law is adamant that the next family reunion (on my husband's side) should be at Disney. Everyone was okay with that option until my BIL "looked into it" and gave us a ballpark estimate: $3,024 to $4,448 (depending on season and dining package). This would include room, food and park tickets for a family of four.


Now, tell me the ways we could make this cheaper... :bigear: I know there's a board: mousesavers.com ? or something like that...


There is about to be mega drama-llama-ding-dong because nobody will pull their kids out of school, so we have to go when it's more expensive. Nobody wants to spend $4k for four days. And the one BIL and his wife are annoyed that nobody wants to do anything they do (which is just about only Disney).

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