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Back to Our School Work...

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Well, it's been a nice break. Christmas was great. Now it's time to get back to work.


Through much of the time off from school work, my children played with educational games. I sometimes wonder if they are better off playing educational games than the workbooks and school books I've selected, but in reality the games and the books together compliment their education nicely. But if/when I try to make those same games a part of school, it's just not the same as when we play them on their own.


The house is somewhat back in order after the holidays. I spent much of last week cleaning and organizing. Our family room/homeschool classroom needs tidying again, (as always!) before we begin this morning. Trying to organize their young minds when our home is disorganized seems counterproductive.


We started with our toes in the water last week, doing a few school-ish things, but not much. We'll add more subjects this week. I find the winter months rough, so I'm going to continue with a rather simplified academic load plus some fun activities to help me keep up my energy.


I started this post early this morning as a little pep-talk to myself to get re-energize about homeschooling. As often happens, my family needed me to step away from the computer mid-post to do several things. While I was away, I discovered that my two most reluctant students (ds 10 ds 13) are happy to go back to homeschooling. That's a good sign.


Break's over. Back to work.


Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you the best for homeschooling in 2012!

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