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What are/were your plans for music for 5-8th? Hits/misses?

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I'm dipping my toe in over here because next August will be on me before I blink thrice, at the rate life is going. I have NO idea what to do about music. Thus far we have done many, many hours of listening to classic music (mostly the radio) and kiddo loves it. (He is a bit snooty about "other" music.)

So far we've done:

Vox Music Masters

Meet the Composers

several concerts at the big hall in Seattle

those YouTube vids of classical pieces with the various parts marked out with colored bars


Any ideas for something fun, but not completely random and unstructured? I don't want to flog him with music theory yet. He gets enough flogging with math and English. I'd love a kid's version of How To Listen To Great Music (from the Teaching Company).



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These may be a bit young but we enjoy them here, even the middle schooler:








I learn from all of it, but if it is hard for your kiddo to listen to something too little kiddish, I don't think you would say that about the classics for kids podcasts:




I ran across this but it might be a little salty (that sort of thing doesn't both us too much, but YMMV):






The latter is available on audible apparently. We have some of the other books in this series on audio but it looks outrageous on amazon these days.


We have learned a lot from the MIke Venezia books too.

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It may not be what you're looking for, but Leonard Bernstein had a series on TV that's on DVD (available through Netflix too): Young People's Concerts.


:iagree:These are great. Music Ace is supposed to be good at music theory too. It can be found on Amazon.


Any links to the youtube videos on classical music mentioned by OP?:D

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This is likely not what you are looking for - but we've outsourced music. My kids are 9 and 10 and they take piano with the most AMAZING piano teacher. She handles all music theory, etc. They practice 30 minutes a day and have one 45 minute lesson per week. She's an amazing lady and an awesome mentor to both kids. We LOVE her. This is their fourth year of piano and I cannot believe all that they know and can play. It's amazing.

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