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Hula hooping -- (taken from the other thread)

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For you ladies that are hoopers, can you help me out?


1. Awhile back one of my girls wanted to give a speech on the history of hulahooping and we could not find a single thing about it! NOTHING. Know of anywhere I can get any information?


2. A couple summers ago while on vacation my girls joined in a hooping contest and were HOOKED! They now love to hoop and will eagerly join in if ever given the opportunity. They would like to have their own hoops, but I don't know where to look to find the "real" hoops. Their birthdays are next month and they would be thrilled to receive actual hoops -- and I would love to get them. I think it's great exercise. Can you help with sources?




Oops -- just went to the site that was linked and it is a wealth of information. Thanks!

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