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Higher Up and Further In Qs

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Background info: I have used AO from the beginning of my hs journey. The highest level of AO I have used is Year 7, because after completion of that year my eldest went to college. I am curious about HIFU because I have always bemoaned AO's history organization but have never found a good alternative. I am homeschooling a 2 y/o, 5 y/o, and 13 y/o, so I probably wouldn't switch the 13 y/o, but I would switch the other two.


Questions: What are the main differences between AO and HIFU? Does HIFU have it's own Years 7-12 curriculum, or do you just move into AO? Why would you choose HIFU over AO, or vice versa?

Also, I do prefer a secular curriculum, because my family is Jewish. So, which curriculum is easier to secular-ize?




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