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Anyone willing to share an Elementary Report Card template?

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My son starts flag football camp tonight, and they want a "final report card" for the past school year to "prove" his grade level.


He played for the same league last summer and we wrote a letter explaining that we would be homeschooling for kindergarten , which was sufficient then because he had not yet started school (in their eyes).


But this year, since he should have just finished K, they are expecting a report card. We've never had a child in public school and it's been a long time since I was in elementary school myself :D so I don't remember what they lok like. I do remember that grades for lower levels were pass/fail or exemplary/acceptable/not acceptable or something like that rather than letter grades. Is this still the case?


I'm trying to whip something up with our homeschool name, but thought I'd check here to see if anyone has a template they've already made and would be willing to share. :o Some parent in this household (ahem!), forgot to mention needing this until he was on the way out the door this morning!


Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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pulling together transcripts for all three of them, since we're planning on sending all of them to a private school about 30 minutes away from us (long story, but due to health considerations of my dh).


Anyway, Donna Young has a fantastic website for homeschoolers where many of the forms are free!


Here's a link to the homepage of her website, DonnaYoung.org.



And, here's a direct link to the K-12 transcript.


You can open up the transcript form in either .DOC format or .RTF format, or even PDF format. I've been using the .DOC format for my girls.


She also has some other useful tools, like a GPA calculator, among other things. Browse around!

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