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PC or MAC laptop?

What kind of laptop do you prefer?  

  1. 1. What kind of laptop do you prefer?

    • PC
    • MAC

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I guess it depends if you prefer Mac or PC. I have both laptops and I prefer my mac, but I'm a mac person. My mac is 7 yrs old, my pc much newer, and I still use my mac as much as possible. The only problems I've had w/my mac are ones that I caused. And I've been able to fix the problems myself. PC laptops are pretty inexpensive though, if that's a consideration. Just make sure to get an automatic virus protection for a pc. I use micro-trend.

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Happy PC user for over 15 years now. Two happy laptops, 2 happy desktops. Can't imagine how Mac could be "better" or "easier to use" or whatever. PC was also less expensive, so for less money I get all the computer I want, that does everything I could ever want it to do.:D

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MAC, because Vista is horrible. I have bought three new PC and they have the horrid Vista. NOthing works. I fight with it everyday, and we only do school and email. Nothing exciting.


Next will be Mac. I wish I had money for one now.


Or if you can find PC with XP.



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We've always been Mac people. Our desktop is our "home" 'puter, while our macbook is dh's work machine that he takes on the road. It's newer, faster, has better software, and I miss it when he's gone;-) I would love to have a laptop for myself, but Macs do tend to be more expensive. I'd save for a Mac before I bought a PC, though!

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