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TT: Pre Algebra..


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Do I need the books for this grade level? I can't believe the price difference in it, WOWZER!


Also, if I purchase this now for one student, would you save it to use in 2 years time or would you sell it and purchase fresh later? I'm all for saving, but I know they make updates to computer based programmes.. soo???

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I haven't used the revised curriculum so I can't really offer advice when it comes to which to purchase.


Have they revised the Prealgebra curriculum so that you input the answers directly into the computer? That's the way the younger levels of TT work.


If that's the case, then you could get away with just buying the CDs.


For the younger levels of TT (Math 4, Math 5, Math 6, and Math 7), I don't think we opened the textbook more than 2 or 3 times the entire school year.


For Prealgebra and up, if you don't use the revised version, then there aren't any lesson problems on the CDs...they're all in the books. So this year, for Prealgebra, my youngest son is strictly using the textbook. I don't think he's reached for the CDs at all.

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Holy Cats Batman! :lol: Thanks for telling me that.. Yes, I was looking at the new version, all though I was shocked at the price {obviously!}


The new one says it does it all on the cds, I presume the old ones didn't come with grading, this one does. I'm glad you said what you said, because I have picked up some of our TT used, I'd have hated to have been stuck with one where it would be pointless to have the cds, sheesh at the price you pay even used!!!

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