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Baltic amber jewelry?

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I've been reading a few websites about the benefits of jewelry made from Baltic amber. It is supposed to help with teething pain in infants/children, inflammation in adults, and also has a calming effect that can aid in anxiety issues.


Is anyone here knowledgeable about this and what to share what they know? Or, do you have some experience with this? Is it fairly legit? Simply benign? Quackery? :tongue_smilie:

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First hand - it is amazing. And I had my doubts from the beginning.


How does it help with teething? Would you let small children chew on it? Sounds like quackery to me.


Absolutely not! Teething jewelry is worn, not put in the mouth. The amber beads heat up when they come into skin contact and slowly excrete a small amount of succinic acid, which has been used as a pain reliever throughout history. With teething babies, the pain in their mouth is relieved down to a tolerable level within 24 hours, and nearly all the way by a week.


I had a baby that screamed for the first three months after he was born. In desperation I ordered a small necklace for him and two nights after it came I had the first non-colicky evening in his life. I had a whole new baby. I thought it was a fluke and I took it off him to wear on myself as a bracelet. Pain-free back (which was a constant while we were moving and I was lugging baby, suitcases, and everything else all over kingdom come). I took it off, pain returned. I have no doubt that the necklace was responsible for the mostly painless teething he had. When he was too big for it (started to pull on the cord), his teething became something fierce.

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We swear by our amber necklaces here. :D I wear a necklace and a bracelet to help me out with migraine pain. My babies wear the necklace to help with teething pain.


The PP explained how it works, so I needn't repeat that. ;) If you feel up to doing some reading, there are actually several kinds of stones that affect people - from calming nerves to relieving pain. And then on top of that, they look so pretty! :tongue_smilie:

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I discovered it when my oldest was getting her molars. I noticed a remarkable difference after she had it on for a month or so. Before the necklace she was in major pain (she reminded me of a shark with the way she would knaw on my arm). She stopped that and was a content baby after wearing it for a while. My other two LO's I used the necklace at the get go before teething began. My middle guy was a breeze with teething and dd is currently cutting molars and has no complaints. I use no teething meds with her at all. I don't know if it works for everyone but it works for me. I will definitely be using it with this next one when he/she arrives.

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