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Random thought about what am I supposed to do with the binders?

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I was just thinking, what should I do with the binders that the kids fill up this year? What do you guys do?

We have 4 binders per kid - 1 for LA, 1 for History (which we'll use again next year), 1 for Math, and 1 for Science.

Do you keep them, full of the work from this year? Or do you weed through the stuff from the year and just keep a few things? Do you put the papers elsewhere and reuse the binders?


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I also answered you in K-8...


Before high school, I keep one 1 inch binder per kid per year, as a portfolio. It contains writing samples, math and science tests, history papers, programs from concerts... The rest of the paper gets thrown out when the binder is full. (the binder itself gets reused)

High school is a different beast; I still keep a portfolio for each year, but also keep the complete binders, all papers. At least until they go to college.

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