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2nd grade math..BJU, Miquon, Singapore,


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I know I am beating this topic to death, but help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My son has PDD-NOS, meaning, he has little patience or coping skills. Yet, he is way ahead academically. He scored 98th percentile on his Stanford Achievement test this past year and his IQ is 99th percentile. He has high anxiety and stress and sometimes, just cannot cope or such.


SO...I currently own BJU, Miquon, and Singapore for his level. Yes, true but sad thing...I keep spending money on math programs. I am completely unsure what to use.


I like Miquon in that on his good days, we can go forward and work on new topics but on hard days, do a sheet that is mostly review. I do not agree with using cuisenaire rods for all the pages so I most likely will use some of my other manipulatives to teach it. I am a math lover and math manipulative collector it seems so I have just about anything on this. But, for Miquon, as much as I love the way the pages look and the hands on and all....I just cannot make so much sense with how it does things.


With Singapore Math, it seems like a very good solid program and I actually used it all the way through with my older child. But, my younger child has little patience and stresses very easily and such. I am not sure if the mental math and long word problems will be too much. Plus, he already has learned all his fact families so reteaching this as number bonds could be difficult for him (remember, he has some special issues).


I like BJU math, but seriously resent its huge teachers guide. There is no way I am purchasing the flip chart or otherwise (not even used). I like math and like teaching it and really enjoy making up my own explanations and my children have all proven to really get math, so I am not about to start using scripted math lessons now. I do not mind scripts in the other areas as those are not my strong areas, but for math...I just love math too much to follow a script. So if I do BJU, I will not even purchase the TM.


I am open to other suggestions, but please remember that he learns fast and does not need much review and likely will not tolerate much.

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Singapore does not just dwell on the math "facts". I found that the intensive word problems and even the workbook exercises looked at problems that made you really think about why and how you get the right answer.


It is hard to tell from the information that you give why Singapore would not be a good fit. If he knows the facts then skip the problems that hammer the facts home. DO the fun problems that exercise the facts.

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Hmmm...I'm not sure which I'd pick in your shoes! We just started BJU 2nd grade, and I can tell you how I use it (I totally understand about that monster TM!) I like having the TM on hand, and I've gotten used to just glancing thru it and making a note of what we need to work on. For my 5.5yo (doing BJU 1st gr math), she needs a lot of introduction because the concepts are all new to her. I glance through quickly, get the gyst of the lesson, and then teach it using my words & my explanations. My 7.5yo...so far its mostly review with a few exceptions, so I glance thru for her and say 'nope, don't need it' and move on to the workbook. Soon she will need more of an introduction, but even so, I like using *my* words. I didn't use the TM at all when I taught my youngest the K math, but ended up regretting it (you know, when we hit lesson #130 and all of a sudden I found out I was supposed to be teaching skip counting by 5s and 2s earlier in the year, but it was never mentioned in the workbooks until almost the end, LOL). If I had glanced thru the TM on more occasions, I would've known what topics to practice with my dd. But she did OK, and now we're making up for it by going slower thru 1st gr math. I also find the TM manipulative activities a great resource when dd is frustrated and having fits over it. I also like using the Reviews book when we need an extra day of practice, or an easy day.

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If you decide to go with BJU, but do not get the TM, you will only have half of the program. The TM covers not only the current lesson to be taught, but gives you the appropriate review to cover for the day, and any other goodies you should know...such as when to begin skip counting for example. ;)


I really, REALLY like BJU's math! But I cannot recommend it if you are not willing to buy the TM. I dislike the scripted lessons in it as well, but you do not have to use their 'script.' You have permission to use your own. :D


I have also heard that BJU has changed their updated Math TM's considerably. They are offering a brand new 3rd edition of their 2nd grade math program (no flip charts included). I personally would recommend everything in their "Subject Kit." The tests could be eliminated, but I would purchase the new TM, ST TEXT, ST MANIPULATIVES, and MATHS 2 REVIEWS if you want a complete math program. BJU is not made to be piece-mealed and it is DEFINITELY not made to be taught just from the student text...even if you are a fabulous teacher. :001_smile:



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