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Netflix movies for medieval/renaissance?

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I recommend (but preview because of content!)


Kingdom of Heaven (Crusades, France and Holy Land) was decently done.

(Orlando Bloom, Jeremy Irons, David Thewlis, Liam Neeson)


The Brother Cadfael (Anarchy Period 12th Century, England) episodes

based on the books by Ellis Peters are very good.

(Derek Jacobi)


Vision-From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen (12th Century Benedictine

German Nun) is quite good.

(no famous actors)


Henry V (Shakespeare Play set during 100 Year War-15th Century,

England and France) is excellent.

(Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Brian Blessed, Ian Holm, Judi



I'll post if I think of others.

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Since middle ages are harder to come by:

Ivanhoe 1997 miniseries is really good for middle era. Helps to understand the status of Jews at the time.


Ironclad it's bloody, but you'll understand what sword combat was really about & why guns were considered a more humane way to war.


Braveheart is obvious


Timeline Time travel, Gerard Butler, siege weapons


Robin Hood w/Russell Crowe. Shows how life really was for those on the farm. Great costumes!


War Lord (1965) Charlton Heston--been decades since I've seen it, but it fits the time.


Crusade: A March through Time (it's called Crusade in Jeans on IMdb) Another time travel, but w/the Children's Crusade.

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