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Apologia General Science - Audio book? CD-ROM?

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I've been having a look at what's available to enhance the Apologia General Science course (we already have the lab kit), and so far I've discovered that there's an audio book and a CD-ROM.


Have I missed any? Does anyone know how good the above are? Comments/opinions/thoughts?


Many thanks :bigear:

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We don't use the audio much, but it's nice to know that if we need to compress some time during the week that we could actually listen to the lesson rather than have dd read it. As for the CD with visuals, yes, it is very helpful. We use it all the time and are glad to have it.


This is a great course and my 7th grader really loves it. She told me she loves Apologia courses and never wants to change. :~)




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We started using the audio a couple of weeks ago and I've been happy with it. One of my sons is a slow reader and the other was constantly making up his own pronunciations for the scientific terms. We've started listening to the cd together and then discussing it afterwards.


I also purchased the CD with visuals but forgot about it over the Christmas break! I need to take a look at it.

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My daughter used every resource we could find when she went through General Science. (We only did all of the resources as using a text book was a new learning experience. We usually do literature based studies for most things.)


She uses the audio book to listen while she reads the text. If using version 2 of any Apologia book (Gen. Science and above) it is marked when to refer to the multimedia CD.


In addition, there are the notebooking components available. She used Live and Learn Press. I think it is a nice visual way to go through the On Your Own questions and then the study guide. Other people use the Knowledge Box Central resource as it has the labs with it.


Now that she is in Chemistry, we have added an instructor (the one that Apologia has) along with the full-course CD-ROM, so I can read along with her. She tends to read and listen to the material, then go the the instructor. So far, this is the hardest one we have encountered.

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