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If you're using older paints or professional grades, the titanium white has less than others like zinc white or flake white (of course the flake is what I just found in an old box!).


Anyway, if it's something you care about, I'd go buy a new tube with the AP non-toxic label on it. Alot of it is how you handle it, and most of the toxic problems came from the old-fashioned grinding and mixing which released the lead into dust particles to breathe in and be absorbed.


Have fun.

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Hi Newbie,

I just spent the last 20 minutes smelling all my various brands of acrylics, and reading the fine print on all the labels for you.


I have serious chemical/environmental allergies too, but I have to admit to never having a serious issue with acrylics. THey are much less toxic than oil paints. If you want a less toxic oil paint, I would recommend Shiva Paintsticks. I have had no trouble with them, no odors, no hives, nothing. And they are a wonderful product to work with.


ANd no, you cannot mix oil and acrylic easily.


Ok, so, that said, the best and least toxic acrylics I have found are Golden brand. You can even go online where they have extensive ingredient lists, etc. THe label says,"Based upon toxicological review, there are no acute or known health hazards with anticipated use of this product."


One thing you can do while you are working is to have a fan going next to you, blowing away from you, and also have your windows open.


The other person to ask about paints would be PercyTruffle. She is a much more experienced artist than I am, and very willing to help. She's a peach!


Hope that helps, and let me know if you have any other questions.


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Thank you, thank you. My kids started on acrylics when they were little, but the art teacher turned us on to oil. And when I started painting, I used oil.


Have only been painting for three yrs. I havent tried acrylic, do you get the same feel as working with oils. I know they are less non toxic and I think a ton cheaper. Fortunately to start our new studio, I did not buy a ton of oils , I only bought little sets. But in middle of doing huge portrait of a guardian angel, I need to finish.


Are oil sticks like oil pastel chalk, where you have to spread with finger. Dont like fingers getting dirty. I like using big brushes and slapping on the paint. Big stress reducer.

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For me personally, I like both. But they both have their different "feel."


I love the richness and thickness of oil and the way it blends on canvas.


However some days I could really go for acryllic on a smooth surface, ever since I have been painting I've loved to use acryllics this way, its like a stress release.

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