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Thinking about 2012-2013 school year; dd's grade?

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This realy only matters because there is a difference in our regulations going from 5th (elementary) to 6th (middle). Any reasons NOT to just call her 5th again? She's in a cyber school this year, 5th grade, and I'll be homeschooling her next year.


She'll be doing 3rd grade math, low level writing, etc. The only subject above grade level is reading.


I know when homeschooling, it doesn't really matter, but our regulations change with the 3 levels (ele., middle, high).

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Great question. I'm curious too.

Technically, Autumn is still fifth grade, but we have decided (in light of test scores) to promote to 6th grade this month... but we have NOT decided how to approach this with our accountability association. Our requirements for subjects covered changes from fifth to sixth grade, pretty significantly.

She is advanced in everything EXCEPT writing and spelling. In writing and spelling she is far behind (she finds writing tedious and painful and her spelling looks like that of a second grader).

I have no clue what to turn in this fall for her "grade".

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I had both of my oldest kids repeat 5th on paper. They were not ready for the transition that was upcoming for junior high (out here junior high is gr 7-9) and were delayed in most subjects. I had them both repeat gr 5 on paper (have to register every year) in order to give each of them an extra year to mature etc before proceeding.

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