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MFW and Old Earth Creationist


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This is what they say on their FAQ about that in CTG

As a company we hold to a literal 6-day creation and this belief is reflected in our programs. We also understand this is a topic of debate in the Christian community. Our goal is to hold to our beliefs without excluding anyone from using our curriculum. This is a decision that each family and ultimately each person needs to make. The Bible is handled much in the same way. Scriptures and other books are provided, but interpretation is left up to each family.


Then they have a longer note in the CTG manual that they realize not all Christians agree on the dates, or how many languages were at Tower of Babel, etc. They encourage you to discuss what you are reading if you don't agree with it. I even remember a heads up note in the CTG manual about a few sentences in the Han dinosaur book that they point out "this is author's opinion."

OEC'ers might not fully use the one Dinosaur book in CTG.

And there are a few paragraphs in one section of Streams of Civilization that talk briefly about when creation could have been. Many of the sections try to say it as "one view is this, another view is".


Then, after that, it's "God created" but not much focus on when it happened. You get "creation week" done. Focus more on Who created instead of when, other than "in the beginning". And then the fun of a Sabbath "feast" rest.


Dates on the earliest timeline pieces are not included. You get timeline piece for "In the Beginning, God created..." but it doesn't give a date on that piece. Same with several others that are in first 11 chapters of Genesis. no dates on them


I hope you hear from someone out there who is more OEC than I am to get a better flavor. But I've always thought it would be easy given how they do it.



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