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What are your quick, easy, and healthful evening meals?

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This is a spin-off of the SAD thread.


We often do something similar to Regentrude's German-style meal. We will often supplement it with an Italian-style brodo--we'll quickly saute a bit of onion, celery, and perhaps carrot, then add broth and a handful of small pasta like stars (stelline). (To give you an idea of the size--it's alphabet-noodle size or smaller). This makes a very light first course that we all enjoy.


Another favorite quick evening meal for us is tacos. We keep black beans and corn tortillas in the freezer. If we're really feeling lazy or pressed for time, seasoned beans on the tortillas with a salad on the side may be dinner. If we have a few minutes more, we'll saute an onion and some combination of bell peppers, sweet potatoes, squash, and greens and serve that as another taco filling options. We don't use a pack of "taco seasoning." Instead, we add spices to the onions or beans to get the flavor we want without MSG or other additives found in those packages.


How about you? What do you do on rushed or lazy evenings to put a healthful meal at home on the table?

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I posted a few of mine over there, but just in case:


A nice bread or baked potatoes alongside whatever fresh fruits and veggies I have on hand.


Black bean tacos or burritos.


Pasta and salad.


Black bean or vegetable soup in the crock pot.


"Sloppy lentils," which are basically like sloppy Joes but with lentils as the base.


Curried lentils with basmati rice.


Edited to add: This one is so easy I forgot about it. We also, when the weather is warmer, make sandwiches on home-made bread. My husband likes good cheese, red onion, bell pepper and lettuce. My son and I just eat the veggies. I like to add cucumbers and black olives. My daughter isn't a huge sandwich fan. So, on those nights, she makes her own meal.

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For quick-and-easy, I like soups: Squash soup, bean soup, potato-leek soup. We keep winter storage veggies like squash and potatoes on hand in the basement, so the ingredients are available. I also keep the ingredients for my favorite bean-and-potato soup in the pantry as my emergency meal back-up. If I've got time, I make whole-wheat buns, but that's not quick. Whole wheat savory scones are quick and easy though, as is rice. So a quick meal for us might look like this:



Scones, whole wheat buns prepared ahead of time, or brown rice

Chard or other greens, or a roasted vegetable like broccoli or carrots

Green salad



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Steamed rice and steamed veggies.


We make rice every day, so there is always some handy. It only takes a few minutes to prepare the veggies; even less if I'm using frozen - especially if some of it is already prepped (cut onions, sliced bell peppers).


Our other go-to is a baked potato ... with a side of steamed veggies LOL.

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Boil whole wheat pasta. Get out my wok-like pan and dump in the pasta with a splash of olive oil and pepper and/or Italian seasonings. Add broccoli or any leftover veggies in the fridge. Toss it all together in the pan until everything is all nice and warm. Serve in a bowl with a sprinkle of parm cheese. (My girls don't like pasta sauce so I use olive oil instead).

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