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X-post Need e-pal for a weather unit we are doing

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We are starting a unit on the weather. Kiddos are going to build there own weather station. They will also watch the weather forecast each morning. I am looking for someone, maybe in another country, that has a dc that would be willing to email 2x a week for a couple weeks and tell us about the weather in your area. My dc would do the same. This is for them to learn about the different weather in different areas at the same time. Make sense? Please let me know if anyone is interested.

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We could do this if you want. We're in Brazil, so southern hemisphere might be fun to compare for your kids.


My boys are 14, 11 and 6 if that helps you.


Just noticed yours are all girls, so if you prefer not boys, that is fine.



No, boys are fine. We would love to compare the weather in your area. I will PM you when get closer to that point. Thanks!

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My 10 yr old dd would enjoy taking part. We are in N. Ireland.:D


YAY! The more the merrier. I will have to figure out a way that we can all have the information so we can all compare to each others weather. You all feel free to jump in and offer any suggestions or ideas you might have. Thanks

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