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Cooking "Curriculum" for Little Kids?


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This isn't really K-8, it's more for the preschooling forum that doesn't quite exist here, but bear with me:


I'm imagining a book that explains how to do a series of food prep/cooking/baking projects with little kids.


Ideally, this book would have a series of recipes of increasing difficulty, it would recommend tools and techniques appropriate for toddlers, and it would suggest "extensions" that would reinforce concepts and skills. I'm thinking of like a foodie version of The Read-Aloud Handbook or Young at Art.


Any ideas?

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I think she was looking more for pre-school cooking materials.


You might try looking for Montessori materials about cooking. I know my kids cooked snacks and meals every when they went to a Montessori school. I think they started the kids cooking at age 3.


Otherwise you might want to just write it yourself.

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& her (lovely) books are on the sidebar.


I was just going to suggest these! Not only do the books have step by step pictures for littles, but they also have a parent's page for each recipe with the standard format and how to set it up.


Look at sites like http://www.forsmallhands.com to see recommended tools for little kids, but also check Ikea. I've picked up a bunch of stuff there over the years for a fraction of the cost. http://www.curiouschef.com carries great kid tools, too.

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I was also going to suggest Mollie Katzen and Maryann Kohl has a cooking and art book as well.


My boys loved to cook at that age and learned a lot from it about following directions, that measuring is important and there are different kinds, practicing counting things, kitchen safety, what's healthy and what's just yummy... But I have to caution that they didn't learn, say, measurement conversions or even basic fractions or memorize any recipes or anything. They can do those things now, and they even cook a couple of things mostly independently now at age 7, but at that age it was just fun, so I can't imagine have curriculum-like specific goals for it.

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