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What is your best and easiest meal to serve guests?

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We are having guests from the northeast soon, and I would like to prepare something everyone would enjoy.


I make a terrific chicken pot pie and Santa Fe Soup and chicken and dumplings, but I don't know if those have universal appeal.


Tell me what you serve that everyone loves! (And it has to be fail-proof!) :bigear:

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Homemade pizza. Hands down favorite. People request it before they even get here, even people who have never been here before but they have "heard" about the pizza. On the rare occasions I make something else, I'm requested to make pizza the next time (we know these people well enough that they are not being rude to say this).

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I make what we call "sausage pasta" -- which is just pasta with red sauce and mild Italian sausage.


I make the sausage from scratch, which is easier than it sounds (just add seasonings to ground chicken), but you could buy storebought.


I give the sausage a good browning (dark brown but not burnt) in olive oil, then add in a jar (or more depending on how many people we have coming) of Bertolli pasta sauce. I like Bertolli because I don't have to adjust the seasonings afterwards; it tastes great right out of the jar. Then if I know no one is allergic or dieting, I add a couple of pats of butter and/or some shredded parmesan.


We like this with penne pasta, but spaghetti would work, too.


I serve it with homemade garlic breadsticks or garlic bread. If our guests ask what they can bring, I let them do the salad. Otherwise I usually forget to make one myself. ;-)

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Completely off topic... The pics of your home in Germany are stunning. How did you it behind? I wanted to move to Germany instantly. What city did you live in?


Thanks Heather....I really miss Germany. We lived in three different places. Wurzburg then onto Heidelberg and finally Gebenbach. I loved it and hope to return when we retire.

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