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4 months ago tonight...

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...I was in my hospital room by myself (dh had gone to a hotel to sleep), in terrible pain from my first c-section, my babies were in incubators in the NICU downstairs, and I was shell-shocked. Thank goodness that time has passed and we all survived. You ladies were incredibly good and kind to me the times I posted and I honestly don't know how many times I have gone back and reread your responses on the days that were hard. Life is so good now. On the way home from an outing yesterday we had the song "Blessed Be the Name" turned all the way up and were singing together as loud as could be. I looked in my rearview mirror at my precious children, at the two carseats behind me that I initially refused to have my dh bring to the NICU because I honestly didn't think I would be taking either of my babies home, and my heart about burst with love and joy. ♥


From this: P9150045-1.jpg


To this: P1050076-1.jpg


And from this (the little guy who started all the trouble, lol!): Corychillingout-1.jpg


To this: SAM_3820-1-1.jpg



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Oh how sweet! My girls were born at 27.5 weeks and we had some really rough times in the beginning (much of it thanks to my mil). So, I can relate to all your feelings - the bad and the good. Thank you for reminding me how sweet it was when they were just wee ones riding in car seats in the back of the car. I need that once in a while now that they are 10 going on 15.

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Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!! Your babies are so precious.


I read your posts four months ago and my heart felt for you so deeply- I even shared with DH.


Our baby girl twins were born almost six months ago and the scenario you described was one we feared as we live very, very rural.


They also were my first c-section after six vaginal births and it also was a painful, painful hard experience.


Congratulations on your beautiful babies and making it through the first four months!!!


I know I didn't really feel totally healed from the surgery until I hit about five months- so I hope you are feeling all better!


Congratulations from one first year twin mom to another!


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