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Who wants to go to the pool with me?

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Come on, you know you wanna!! :auto:


Man, it is so hot here. I dread going out there and baking while the kids swim. Won't someone go with me so I have someone to talk to while sitting there? Please!! I'll bring the lemonade and snacks. There is nothing like sitting in 100 degree heat to cause folks to bond! :svengo:

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I'll tell you what, 100 degrees in NC in June is TOO BLESSED HOT. I hate, loathe and despise the summers here anyway, but kicking off June with 2 weeks of insane heat and humidity is about to put me over the edge. I'm going to see my sister in WI at the end of the month and I've told dh to prepare himself for my not coming back, LOL. I told him I may have to have him ship the girls (I'm taking Schmooey) and he can join us here after he gets a job and sells the house.


OK, enough crabbing. Back to our regularly scheduled post - I would love to join you at the pool! I bet you're not that far away, either. :D

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I'd love to!


I don't enjoy sitting out there by myself. Doesn't help anything that I have a newborn now who needs to stay out of the sun/heat. I get really REALLY bored out there by myself.




Anywho, yeah, sure, I'm in, let's go!!


I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a friend to go with us :)

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