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Update on classical Moms' support group I started last spring

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Several of you here helped me out last April, with ideas on starting a support group for Moms who are classically educating their kids. I just wanted to update you on how that has been going!


Last spring I did a meet-n-greet, where people came and we basically got to know each other and talked about how we got interested in classical education. I also did a curriculum-sharing night. At that time I got to meet two of the boardies who live in my area. :D


In the fall I did three meetings where we listened to SWB's writing audios, and discussed them afterwards. We also talked about WWE and the then-upcoming WWS.


Some new faces e-mailed me and showed up in the fall. It has been really nice to talk with some other Moms about the some of intricacies of classical education. A couple of ladies from my church have been coming, too, so it's been nice to get to know them in this setting as well. And I met another WTM boardie. :D


Last night was our January meeting, and we had our first guest speaker!! I feel silly saying all this, but I've never arranged for a guest speaker before, so it was fun. :D She is the director of an organization (at a local university) called Math Circles (which reaches out to high school students in various ways with math education), she's a PhD student, and she came to do a slide show and to talk with us about how to make math fun and interactive. It was super-fun! She is so obviously a math-geek and she spread her math-joy to all of us, I think. Two ladies esp. seemed to be impacted by her talk, and said that she changed their minds about math. How cool is that!! The guest speaker was like Jane in NC is to me in regard to math - helping me to see the beauty of it, not just the formulaic-ness of it. The guest speaker, after seeing how much my son loves math, even offered to be an e-mail mentor to him if he ever has questions. She even remembered him from when we went to a math league event last spring! Anyway, I was very happy to have been part of helping some other Moms. Oh, and I got to meet another WTM forum boardie, too! :D


Next month a professor from a local university is coming to talk with us about teaching Latin! His wife comes to the group, and I picked her brain one day about this possibility. We are very excited about this, too.


I'd like to find someone science-y to talk with us about teaching science, but if I can't, I'll use SWB's science CD (it's very good) at the March meeting. Then it's just April and May, and we'll be done for the year. Then after that I have to decide if I want to do it again next year. I've got some different ideas for next year if I decide to do it.


But all in all, it has been a very good experience for me, and wonderful to meet some other homeschoolers who get excited about grammar and math like I do. :D I highly recommend trying it, if you are so inclined and are looking for a group like this. It takes organization, but it's not as difficult or scary as I thought it would be.


A big thanks to those of you who helped me brainstorm last year!

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You are a marvel! What a wonderful thing you have done, to help yourself and other families. Proud to know you, ma'am!


I can vouchfor how wonderful Colleen's group is! It's so much fun to get together with like minded moms, especially when one of them is Colleen.:D


Aw, thanks! :blushing:

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