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I am not the outdoors type......at all.

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DH just took the kiddos for a walk......it is 35F here which really isn't that cold considering it is January.


They all wanted me to go - I said no way!! Part of me says I should just suck it up and go with them, the other part says no way! Curl up on the couch and :chillpill: (haha - the irony!).


I wish I could like winter - I really do. Maybe if we lived in Florida - I would like winter :001_smile:

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What is funny is that this was me 6 years ago. I was an INDOOR type of person, no snow activities, just house to car to store to car to house type person.


Fast forward to now: I walk up to 4 miles at a time in ALL kinds of weather--rain, snow, wind, cold (as cold as 15 below zero), etc. The only time we don't walk due to weather is a COLD RAIN (like under 45 and really raining hard) or thunderstorms.


We also have 4 horses, chickens, rabbits, a dog, and 3 cats..........that means chores 2-3 times a day EVERY day out in the cold. I have even ridden the horses when it was as cold as zero.


The key is LAYERS and the right type of winter gear..........and you do get used to it.

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