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What to buy?

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My dad gave me $100 cash for Christmas. I've spent most of that on day-to-day expenses but can now afford to repay myself. Problem is, I don't know what to buy. My thoughts are:


a new jacket...I've hated my old one since the day I bought it. The hood was 4 sizes too big, the zipper has broken, and I've now lost the shell so I don't have a coat.


new clothing...I'm down to one pair of pants that are acceptable for public wear. If I bought new jeans, I'd probably buy the same mom jeans I own because I can't find anything that fits well, is comfortable, and looks good. I'll settle for comfort. Most of my t-shirts are stained or have those tiny holes in the belly. I still manage to look acceptable in public despite these limitations so it isn't urgent that I buy new clothing.


a hair cut...I'm overdue. I hated my last cut so I've been letting it grow out. I'm thinking about a stacked bob but I don't know if that will look good on my face.


more dishes...With 6 people in the family, I sometimes want more than 8 settings. We're running low on silverware too (where does it go?)


But part of me doesn't want to buy practical stuff all the time. I've given some thought to the $79 or $99 Kindle. Everyone seems to love them. I saw a Nook for the first time the other day and like the eink feature. But I never buy books. Well, I do usually buy the kids a book for the stocking on Christmas. If the library doesn't have it, I just don't read it. I tried to find books for DS's tablet at the library but couldn't make heads or tails of the system. It seemed like either they had nothing interesting or it was checked out.


What do you think?

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I was in the same spot--my mom gave me some money a few months ago and I couldn't decide how to spend it. I've finally decided that I should get some knitting needles that I've been wanting. I don't really *need* them. I *should* get a new coat, too. But I know I'll get more enjoyment from the knitting stuff than a coat.


It would be too easy to spend the money on the family. It's nice to be able to do something special for yourself sometimes.

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Buy nice used clothes from a consignment store and if they don't have a nice coat you like, use the rest to buy a new coat.


That's what I was going to suggest too. I'm currently wearing a pair of jeans that I love, a pair that fits me very nicely (I'm very petite; it's hard to find pants that fit me), and they came from the thrift store, looking quite new, for all of $2. I could buy a lot of nice-looking clothes there for not much money!

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Before even reading this, I thought KINDLE.


I have read tons of books on my Kindle app on my droid phone and have no paid for any of them. Amazon has 100s of free books each day. Some are very racy or horror type books which don't appeal to me at all but I have found many great reads, lots of classics if you like those, some devotionals, etc. all for free. The list changes frequently so I alway try to check every day or 2 and keep a few books ahead so I always have something to read.


If you live in an area where you need a coat, check out the clearance at LL Bean or Lands End or other good quality brand--Columbia, etc.


Do you have any decent Good Will stores near you or are you closer to a nice city/part of town where they might have a better selection? If so, maybe you could get several nice things for yourself.


I agree though, spend the money on yourself as it was intended.

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I am too practical I guess. I would go for new clothes :) But I don't consider that practical. That is something just for me, so that is what I would want in your place that and the haircut. I could maybe squeeze a coat, a haircut, and something new to wear out of $100, if I used my favorite thrift store for the clothes or settled for Target.


In fact my favorite coat right now was a $40 Target coat that I have been using for several years now.

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