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Bruchko. Narrow Road, Peace Child, I Dared to Call Him Father...Your dd's opinions?

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We have all of these & I wanted to do them as read-alouds this year (one of the girls is doing MFW ECC), but I don't think we'll have time for all of them because there are some other books I want us to read together as well. So... which of these did your dd's enjoy the most (teen dd's especially)? If possible, could you rank them in order from most enjoyable to least enjoyable? THANK YOU!

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Both Bruchko and Peace Child have their "gritty" parts. They present a very realistic picture of what it is like to go to an unreached, primitive tribe, which is tough for most of us to grasp. Culturally we need to know this type of thing, but I would say that they are for more mature readers.


I Dared Call Him Father is one of my favorite books. I've reread it several times. Narrow Road is similiar in that it reflects "civilized" culture, but with some harrowing situations.

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I thought Bruchko was ok--I so wanted to love it, but didn't.

Can't wait to read Dared to Call Him Father, tho!


We are going to have dd watch a short documentary on Jim Elliot instead of reading books like Bruchko and Peace Child. We are saving some of the grittier stuff for high school.


We did really enjoy Grace Alyward's autobiography, tho.

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Dd just finished Bruchko and loved it but she hasn't read the others to compare.


I've read Bruchko and Peace Child and enjoyed both immensely. I'd probably choose Peace Child, but it's really almost too close to call.


Are you doing The Heavenly Man or God's Smuggler? Both are excellent, but I'd recommend The Heavenly Man as one of the best Christian books I've read in the last 5 years.




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Thank you so much for all the responses! It looks like Bruchko is going on my "don't miss" list. We've also read the Cameron Townsend and Nate Saint biographies recommended in MFW ECC. We were bored by Cameron Townsend, but LOVED Nate Saint! We watched End of the Spear after we read the Saint biography, and I bought a Beyond the Gates of Splendor DVD also.


EK read a biography of Gladys Aylward a few years ago, and she really wants to read another one. We'll probably read Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman, and we'll also watch Inn of the Sixth Happiness.


I read God's Smuggler when I was a young teen, and I've never forgotten it. I was planning to read that one with the girls, and then I found out about The Narrow Road, also by/about Brother Andrew, and I think we'll probably read one of those, but probably not both.


I also bought a copy of In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham. Burnham and her husband were missionaries in the Philippines when they were taken hostage by a Muslim extremist group. From Amazon: "After a year of captivity and a violent rescue that resulted in Martin's death, the world watched Gracia Burnham return home in June 2002. In this riveting personal account, Burnham tells...about their harrowing ordeal, about how it affected their relationship with each other and with God, about the terrorists who held them, about the actions of the U.S. and Philippine governments, and about how they were affected by the prayers of thousands of Christians throughout the world."


I'm still unsure about Peace Child or I Dared to Call Him Father , but if we have time, maybe we'll read one of those too.

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