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Called K-12, not an option. I'm not sure I can do this.

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i want to give up, but have no choice but to hs dd. otoh, i don't think this is working out. i feel our relationship is waaaay too strained. she shuts down and refuses to discuss literature with me. at every moment she tries to take the quickest and easiest way out.


it is driving me insane.


i don't want to be her teacher anymore-i just want to be her mom.


she would have been enrolled in bju online this AM if we could afford it-but we cannot.


thanks for listening to me whine again...



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Maybe do something fun together?


When things get bad here, we tend to watch TV. We try to find something that's educational, or at least that will spark a discussion.


Or we bake. Or go for a walk.


Maybe the literature you're trying to discuss is too hard? Or too easy? Or not very engaging? If you need suggestions for literature that might work out better, I'm sure the folks here would be happy to help out.


If you're using a literature program, that might be the problem.

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I'm finding that with my son it is best to have a variety of options-he is doing some online classes, some outside live classes, and a couple of things with me. Next year, for 11th, I am ready to hand it all over to someone else:0) It is just too big a strain for me to try to teach high school, middle school, elementary school, and preschool all on the same day! I would love to be one of those families that sit around and talk about great books while having tea, but it just isn't happening here:glare: I keep reminding myself that by the time my other kids are in college, my now 4 year old will only be 11 and we are going to have a grand ole time ;)


Are there any coops or homeschool programs where you live? Or maybe getting a tutor for some things would help, like literature, writing, foreign language. Even just having someone else grade your child's writing would probably help.

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Are there any co-ops in your area? Other families who would swap subjects with you? Schools that would let your dd take a class or two? (Private? Public? Community College?)


There are some things hsing with mom is really ideal for, but sometimes it's better to discuss lit with people your own age, KWIM?

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I just spent a frightening amount of money setting my older kids up with outside teachers for at least some courses for the rest of this year. I am hoping that keeping guidance counseling, math, and science as my responsibilities and outsourcing pretty much everything else will reduce stress and tension while also holding their feet to the fire for high quality work in all subjects, even the ones I most dread grading and assessing.


Also, I found that being teacher and guidance counselor presented some conflict of interest on my part that reduced in their ability to hear what was saying about what they need to do to meet their own goals. With someone else setting specific course goals, they can hear what I am trying to tell them about rigor and expectations.

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Tonight I was trying to get my daughter to begin her persuasive essay and she just looked not into it at all. After I had given her the directions and left the room I thought- Oh hang it, and turned around and asked her to watch a movie with me instead. It was a educational movie about Beowolf with little questions and quizes but she was really happy and that made me happy too. She does need to work on her essay tomorrow but I think giving her that bit of grace gained me some future co-operation.


I would try to find any educational movies about literature (there are resources at the library). Anything that is more enjoyable will offset the monotonous. I also highly reccommend the classes from Outstanding Academic Oppourtunities because they encourage a love of literature without all the burden of essays http://www.oaopp.com/HS-101

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I have had similar issues with my son over the last 2 years, after his 2 sibs had graduated and we were the only ones at home. I outsourced the classes I could, math and writing, especially. He does not enjoy history or literature but loves movies. So that is the main way we do those. Once a week another mom and her daughter come over and we eat lunch together and watch a movie for history.


Over the 2 years he has begun to enjoy those subjects more and will read short books on a history topic or well chosen literature. I have gently introduced more literature discussion by taking a very low key tone. "Why do you think about how Scout ....?"


And he has matured. That has made a big difference in his attitude and his willingness to do work.


Good luck,

Ruth in NC

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You could outsource the classes that are giving you trouble.


Keep at home the classes you can teach at home with success.


Find a co-op, online class, or tutor for Literary Analysis.

Homeschool the other classes.


Don't despair! It'll be OK--just be creative with your solutions.

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I'm in a similar boat. DS just won't discuss with me. He does his work as fast and as low as he can, and refuses to do anything else.

I've matched him up with two other boys that are doing similar courses. They meet once a week to go over biology and geometry together. Those are the only two courses where DS isn't falling behind.

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