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S/O Great Homeschool Convention

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We will be attending our first homeschool convention in Cincy. I can not find specific times that SWB and other speakers will be speaking. How do you plan your day without this info? Also, will there be activities for dd8 to do or should she hang out at the pool with dad? Can you bring in a rolling book bag, water, and snacks? Is it necessary to go Friday-Sunday or will Saturday-Sunday suffice? And, how much do you budget for "Oh, my gosh, I need to get this" moments? Lastly, are there any must see attractions, museums etc in the area?

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Hi! I think you will enjoy the convention. I did want to point out to you though, it is Thurs to Sat, not Fri to Sun.


When it gets closer to the time, they will put out a LOT of information about the speaking schedules, and depending on how many sessions you want to attend, it is at least Fri and Sat. They have a lot of sessions that run at the same time to choose from.


You can take a rolling bag, snacks, whatever, and there is plenty of food to buy that isn't too bad in price. The convention center also caters a lunch that is more resonable in price. We spent almost an entire day in the exhibition hall last year shopping. Most companies give good discounts for buying at the conv. and Rainbow resource also sets up a big sale booth. There are even used book sellers there. We bought most of this years curriculum there, and even paid for some that Rainbow resource had out of stock at the conv, and then shipped to us for no cost. So we got the discount, plus free shipping.


There is a children's track that is set up for kids your daughters age, it is put on by a contractor. We have not used it however, so I don't have any opinion on that.


Something else to do in Cincinnati is the Museum center, which is part of that group where you can get discounts if you belong to other museums, and Newport on the Levee's Aquarium right across the river in KY. The zoo is also very nice too.

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